Polylang – Documentation



For a quick start, you can look at Polylang, getting started PDF document. It will help you to setup your multilingual website step by step with a lot of screenshots. To go further, the full documentation is available below:

Function reference


Use show list languages (flags, name).

<div class="languages"><ul><?php 
 function_exists('pll_the_languages') ? pll_the_languages(array(
 'show_flags' => 0,
 'show_names' => 1,
 'hide_current' => 1,
 )) : '';

pll__ and pll_e

Use to translates a string previously registered with pll_register_string.

<div class="button"><a href="#back"><?php echo pll__('Back');?></a></div>

If you don’t want use ‘echo’:

<div class="button"><a href="#back"><?php pll_e('Back');?></a></div>

See All Functions

Full Document on polylang.wordpress.com