QQWorld Auto Save Images – Plugins



Automatically keep the all remote picture to the local media libary when you publishing posts, and automatically set featured image.

And more powerful functional is waiting for you. What exactly is it? Hehe…


  • This plugin has a little problem that is all the image url must be full url, it means must included “http(s)://”, for example:
    • <img src=”http://img.whitehouse.gov/image/2014/08/09/gogogo.jpg” />
    • <img src=”http://www.bubugao.me/image/travel/beijing.png?date=20140218″ />
    • <img src=”http://r4.ykimg.com/05410408543927D66A0B4D03A98AED24″ />
    • <img src=”https://example.com/image?id=127457″ />
  • The examples that not works:
    • <img src=”/images/great.png” />
    • <img src=”./photo-lab/2014-08-09.jpg” />
    • <img src=”img/background/black.gif” />

I’v tried to figure this out, but i couldn’t get the host name to make image src full.

So if you encounter these codes, plaese manually fix the images src to full url.